Auto Accident Loss

Auto Accident Loss

Auto accident loss takes many different forms. For an auto insurance company, there are several types of claims such as accidents, theft or fire. The insurance covers the damage caused by these claims according to certain contractual conditions as well as according to the degree of responsibility of the driver.

Friendly statement

The amicable accident report is an official document to be completed in the event of a traffic accident between the two parties involved. It must be completed and signed by both parties at the scene of the incident. The objective of the amicable report is to allow the insurers of both parties to understand the circumstances of the incident before specifying the share of responsibility of each.

Declaring A Claim

When a loss occurs, it must be declared to the insurance to obtain compensation from him. For this, it is imperative to make contact – via phone, mail or internet – as soon as possible with the insurer. The statutory period is 5 days from the moment the insured person became aware of the loss. In case of the theft of the vehicle, the delay is fixed at 48 hours.


The responsibility for a claim is determined by the insurer according to the information obtained via the amicable report. There are 3 types of responsibilities for a driver:

100% responsible: He/She is considered totally responsible for the incident
50% responsible: The wrongs are shared by both parties
0% liable: The insured is deemed not responsible, while the other party is found to be at fault.


Compensation by the car insurance company depends on several factors such as the driver’s liability or the subscribed form (third party / all risks). If you are found liable with insurance to the third party, the insurance will not make any compensation in your favor, it will only compensate the opposite party. The amounts of the compensation are established by an expert sent by the insurance, which aims to determine the cost and the possibility of repairing the damage suffered by the vehicle.

Drive Without Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory for all motorized vehicles and considered as automobiles. An uninsured driver is always in breach. In the event of a claim, an uninsured driver is therefore at high risk, especially if there are injuries. Indeed, the lack of insurance generates heavy penalties and fines as well as the reimbursement to the third party involved. The victim of an uninsured driver will have to apply to the FGA Motor Guarantee Fund. The FGA then turned to the uninsured driver to claim reimbursement of the amount he reimbursed to the victim.

Fugitive Crime

The hit and run offense provides for criminal and administrative sanctions against the fugitive. If you are a victim of a disaster and the third party runs away, this makes compensation by the insurer complex. You must then immediately bring the police station to the nearest police station to complete a report without the other party, then send it to your insurer explaining in a letter that the third party has been guilty of a misdemeanor. leak. If the fugitive remains unknown, it is therefore the “FGA” (guarantee fund) that will provide compensation.

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