Auto Insurance Formula

The Auto Insurance Formula

The various forms of auto insurance contracts determine the levels of reimbursements made by insurance companies. These different auto insurance offers can save on insurance contracts depending on your profile or that of your vehicle. Lets take a look at the auto insurance formula.

The minimum auto insurance

Finding the auto insurance formula called “third party insurance”, that is to say including liability – is mandatory for all vehicles that circulate on French roads. It aims to compensate a third party or a passenger in a responsible accident.

1- Third

Third-party insurance is the mandatory minimum insurance in the world, which includes civil liability. In the event of a responsible loss, it only protects the damage caused to a third party, as its name indicates.

2- Intermediate

Intermediate automobile insurance is third-party insurance enhanced through options such as protection against vehicle theft or broken windows.

3- All risks

The all-risk insurance is the car insurance formula that best covers the vehicles and the driver, even in the event of a responsible accident. It is recommended for all new or recent vehicles.

4- Kilometers

Auto insurance at km is a type of contract specially designed for small riders. There are two insurance solutions per km. The insurance package and insurance pay as you drive with a GPS box. There is also the pay how you drive insurance which allows you to pay less by driving well with a case that analyzes your driving.

5- Temporary

The temporary auto insurance contract can be insured for less than a year, which is not possible with a conventional contract.

6- Youth

Young drivers are risk profiles for insurers. They usually offer more expensive contracts with the application of a premium. There are solutions to benefit from cheaper rates such as driving accompanied or driving courses.

7- E-insurance

Auto e-insurance contracts also called auto insurance online is a type of contract identical to a so-called “classic” contract with the only difference that you never have direct contact in agency. It is a contract whose quotes and the subscription is realized only by Internet. The advantage of subscribing to an online car insurance is to get his quote is his contract immediately.

8- Collection

A collection auto insurance and a contract specially designed for old vehicles, and classified as a collection vehicle. It allows to insure the vehicle to obtain compensation up to the official rating of the insured vehicle.

8- VSP

A car without a license benefits from attractive prices for insurance, but with certain conditions to be fulfilled, such as a maximum speed of 45 km / h and a maximum weight of 350 kg.

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