Auto Insurance Price

Auto Insurance Price & The Driver

The driver plays a key role in in your auto insurance price. The amount of the insurance premium that will be applied through the bonus-malus system, you will find this information displayed on the last statement of information sent by your insurer. In fact, each claim deemed 100% responsible increases the amount of the premium by 25%.

If the claim is declared to be 50% liable, the amount will increase by 12.5%. For the most responsible drivers, the amount of the contract decreases by 5% per year without a declaration of loss. The coefficient of reduction-markup CRM also called bonus-malus is based on 1. If the driver has a CRM greater than 1, he is considered a misbehaving driver. The misguided driver is the fear of insurers and therefore they can terminate you at any time and you will become a terminated driver. There are also contracts dedicated to your professional status as for civil servants.

The Vehicle

The car insured by the driver holding the driving license also plays an important role in the amount of the premium. The stronger the vehicle, the higher the auto insurance price. The same applies depending on the area inhabited as well as the vehicle’s parking conditions.

The Quote

The auto insurance quote is sent by the insurer or broker to establish a definite price with the insured. It summarizes all the personal information of the insured and his vehicle, but also:

The price
The applied reduction
Civil liability
The driver’s guarantee
The auto franchise
Exclusions and restrictions of guarantees

Car Insurance Competitor

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