Optional Guarantees in Auto Insurance

Optional Guarantees in Auto Insurance

Did you know that optional guarantees improve the basic minimum contracts offered by insurers? These guarantees therefore limit the risks associated with a possible loss.

Ice breakage

The broken glass warranty allows full coverage of all glazed parts of a vehicle such as the windshield, exterior mirrors, rear window and side windows. Some contracts also include vehicle lights. The declaration of a break of ice does not bring any penalty to the driver.

Fire and explosion

The fire and explosion guarantee is used to cover claims that cause a fire or explosion of the vehicle, such as a car bomb or lightning strike, for example. However, if the fire is the result of poor maintenance of the vehicle, no refund will be made by the insurance company.


The flight guarantee assures you against the attempted theft of the vehicle and theft. If the car is not found within 30 days, the insurer reimburses the insured for the value of the vehicle. It will be necessary to prove the break-in to benefit fully from this guarantee.

Legal protection

The legal protection guarantee is an extension of the defense remedy which is mandatory in the third party contract. It allows an accompaniment of the insured person in his steps until a possible trial.

Assistance 0 km

The 0 km assistance insurance cover provides assistance in case of breakdown of the car, even in front of the home. Generally, contracts allow assistance within a limit of more than 50 km from the insured’s home.

Replacement vehicle

The replacement vehicle warranty allows, following an accident, to benefit from the loan of a vehicle during the period of repairs by the garage owner.

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