Contract With Auto Insurance Company

Contract With Auto Insurance Company


On the contract with auto insurance company you must understand that for each claim declared to the insurance requiring a refund from the insurance company, a fixed amount is never refunded and remains the responsibility of the customer. This is called the franchise. Each guarantee of the contract is accompanied by a deductible amount.


Warranty exclusions are important to know when you purchase auto insurance. These are the conditions to be respected so that the insurer agrees to reimburse his client. For example, a claim under the influence of alcohol obviously precludes any hope of repayment by the insurance company.


Ceilings represent the maximum amounts that the insurance undertakes to reimburse in the event of a claim.


With the Hamon law put in place in 2015 the termination of a car insurance contract of more than one year can be terminated at any time by the insured. The contract with auto insurance company may be terminated for the following reasons:

False declaration
Driving License suspension

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