Why Auto Insurance?

Why Auto Insurance?

Why auto insurance you ask? The simple answer is most states’ auto insurance is required by law. If you are traveling without car insurance you could be prosecuted by law. What happens if you’re in an automobile accident, and have no car insurance coverage? You may have to pay the repair and medical bill’s out of pocket, while also facing possible fines and even jail time for not having an active car insurance policy. You could also be held accountable to any bodily injury to other parties involved.

There are many affordable options to choose when you are looking to purchase a car insurance policy. There are also several factors’ car insurance companies consider when you are looking for auto coverage – such as driving record, vehicle, driver age and even gender. Finding an insanely cheap insurance policy can be done by shopping around and getting the cheapest quote possible. There are also many deals for pairing types of insurance together for example home owner’s insurance along with automobile insurance could save you money in the end.

Car Insurance Benefits

Most states require you have a car insurance policy by law.

If a death occurred in an accident it will provide benefits to survivors.

When in a lawsuit car insurance will pay for fees against you.

Any auto repairs to your damaged vehicle may be covered by your insurance company

The Most Common Auto Insurance Policy Options Are

Auto Liability Insurance Policy Coverage

By law Auto liability insurance is required. In the event you were to cause an accident liability coverage will cover the damages to the injured party involved. Drivers must have property damage liability and bodily injury liability coverage

Auto Collision Insurance Policy Coverage

When involved in an accident with another automobile, or if you drive into an object such as a tree or fence, collision coverage could help. Once you pay the deductible towards your car insurance claim your insurer will help pay for repairs to your vehicle or even replace your vehicle.

Auto Comprehensive Insurance Policy Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage could help cover damages to your vehicle from things such as vandalism, theft, fire, and even natural disasters. In the event your vehicle is damaged by one of the covered events, comprehensive coverage could help pay for repairs or replace your vehicle; however, a deductible must be paid before the insurer will reimburse any money to you.

Auto Uninsured Insurance Policy Coverage

Uninsured Motorist slams into you! What happens? Uninsured motorist insurance policy coverage may pay for repairs to your vehicle and your medical costs. What happens if I am hit by an underinsured driver? When, liability limits are not high enough to cover your hospital/medical cost’s; underinsured motorist policy will come into play.

I hope this article why auto insurance has been helpful if you want to learn more Optional Guarantees In Auto Insurance

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